Hu Jinglin, Party Secretary and Director of the State Administration of Taxation, published an article titled "Promoting Chinese-style Modern Tax Practice with High Quality" in the Study Times on July 5. The article pointed out that it is an important task to create efficient taxation to continuously improve the taxation department's ability and level of tax collection and management, convenient services, and risk prevention and control. To create efficient taxation, we must implement it in practical actions and reflect it in actual results. We must improve the effectiveness of tax collection and management, deepen the reform of the tax system and the optimization of tax policies, focus on key tax types, key regions, key enterprises, and key issues to strengthen precise supervision, effectively plug loopholes and increase revenue, collect taxes and fees that should be collected in accordance with laws and regulations, and at the same time, keep the bottom line of not collecting "excessive taxes and fees", grasp the effectiveness of work, and effectively create a good tax environment for the healthy and standardized development of various business entities. Improve the effectiveness of convenient services, continue to carry out the "Spring Breeze Action for Convenient Tax Administration", continuously enrich the supply of tax services, make all work more "humane" and more "down-to-earth", especially focus on "efficiently completing one thing", continue to improve the functions of the new electronic tax bureau, do all service work in a detailed, thorough and comprehensive manner in advance, effectively solve the difficulties and bottlenecks of different groups, and continuously improve the intelligence, refinement and personalization of tax services. Improve the effectiveness of risk prevention and control, clearly understand the challenges faced by tax departments that risks are prone to occur frequently and frequently, and effectively establish risk awareness and bottom-line thinking. In comprehensive measures, learning from one example and working for a long time, further improve the risk prevention and mitigation work system of the tax system, weave a tight and dense risk prevention and control network, and resolutely safeguard the national tax security and the security and stability of the tax system.