Zhao Zhiguo, spokesman and chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office today that the concept of "green mountains and clear waters are gold and silver mountains" will be firmly established and implemented, the implementation plan for carbon peak in the industrial field will be implemented, and the green transformation of industry will be accelerated. The focus will be on three aspects. In promoting green and low-carbon transformation. Deeply implement energy-saving and carbon-reduction actions, mainly focusing on key industries such as steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, building materials, and key areas such as data centers and communication base stations, and jointly promote digital and green transformation to improve energy efficiency. Support enterprises to build a number of digital energy and carbon management centers. Accelerate the construction of a resource recycling system, promote the large-scale and high-value utilization of industrial solid waste and renewable resources, and improve the security and protection capabilities of resources. In building a green manufacturing system. Issue an action plan for green and low-carbon development of the manufacturing industry, implement green manufacturing projects, cultivate green factories and green industrial parks, and take the lead in creating a number of green supply chains in the fields of aviation, ships, new energy vehicles, energy electronics, etc. Actively explore effective methods for carbon footprint management of industrial products, and promote the formulation of a number of carbon footprint accounting standards for key products. In cultivating and expanding green industries. Strengthen the development and supply of green and low-carbon technology equipment products, accelerate the development of green and low-carbon industries such as hydrogen energy, new energy storage, environmental protection equipment, green intelligent computing, and smart microgrids, and continue to create new industrial competitive advantages.